China Cabinet


China Cabinet

This project took five weeks from start to completion and was my own design. Sides and upper and lower sections are oak plywood. Face frames and door frames are solid oak. Finish is cherry stain and three coats of satin poly.

Construction notes: Upper cabinet back is 3/4” plywood. I ripped 5 1/2” pieces and chamfered the edges of each piece to give the v-groove look. The pieces are joined together via splining. Door and face frames use pocket-hole joinery, with plugs. Shelves are plywood with hardwood edging.

The hardware and glass panels were purchased at Lowe’s.

Memorable note: While attaching the crown molding to the top with the nail gun, I accidentally shot a 1-1/4″ 18ga. brad nail into my left thumb. Overall, it felt like a wasp sting…nothing more.

Fortunately, it missed the bone. After impatiently sitting in the waiting room for about 30 minutes waiting on the doctor, I pulled the nail out myself. They gave me a tetanus shot and back to the shop I went!

Yes, I took a picture of the thumb with “two” nails, but I’ll spare you the graphic. In total, the loss of blood was a single drop. 🙂

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