A new Kitchen is finished – Part 9

It took almost one year to complete the renovation of the kitchen to the point that it was functional. The last step was to add a tile backsplash. For some reason, this one small weekend project took almost nine additional months to complete.

But now, we are happy to share the fruit of our labor.

I’m happy to report that Mrs. Sawdust Inn loves her new kitchen and dining area and spends many of her waking hours at home enjoying it.

Below is a comparison of before and after pictures of the project, and then a few close-up snapshots of some of the individual areas.

BEFORE: Galley kitchen wall was removed to open the room.

AFTER: Taken from the same spot as above.

BEFORE: On the other side of the wall with the picture is the galley kitchen. This wall was removed. Below is a picture taken from the same spot as above.


Here are a few close-up photos of a few areas…

Thanks for following along. If you’d like to start from the beginning of the project and enjoy the entire journey, start with Part 1 here.

To read Part 8, click here.


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  1. Beautiful. Job well done. You are an artist.

  2. That looks awesome Donna! I love it being opened like that. Beautiful.

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