Grandfather Clock Build

Grandfather Clock Build – The Reveal

Finishing our Grandfather Clock project took a little longer than I had hoped. I didn’t want to rush the most important stage of the process, finishing. There were a couple of other delays as well….

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Grandfather Clock Build – Part 6

The last major component of our Grandfather Clock to make is the door. Although it looks light-weight, delicate and graceful, it is strong enough to hold two heavy glass panels. My first step was to create a few hardboard templates of…

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Grandfather Clock Build – Part 5, the crown

One distinction that makes the grandfather clock highly admired is the bonnet and crown, the elegant curved piece at the top. There are many different styles and designs, but all capture attention to their detail and complexity. Our Columbia…

Grandfather Clock Build – Part 4, fluted columns

Remember, you can click on any photo for a full-size view. One of the more challenging aspects of the clock build turned out to be one of the most rewarding thus far – the fluted columns that…

Grandfather Clock Build – Part 3, the base

With the frame of the clock complete, we move to building up the base. The base is a series of multiple board layers to “build-up” a beefy profile and provide solid support for the rest of the clock….

Grandfather Clock Build – Part 2, the Frame

The plans for the grandfather clock are the most detailed I’ve ever worked with. The designer, Mr. Cooper, left nothing out. It’s actually three separate plans in one – individual parts, assembly, and blueprints for several “hard-to-make” parts….

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Grandfather Clock Build – Part 1

One of the most elegant pieces of furniture to occupy a home is the Grandfather Clock. It is the focal point of any room and immediately presents a sense of royal surroundings with its elegant and charming chimes. The…